Thank you all for joining us Saturday, September 15 at ”Tyhjä kulho” the 2018 Empty Bowls Helsinki at Crypt of the Helsinki Dome.

We are happy to inform that this year we had over 500 guests and they donated 10,800 € for the Finnish UNICEF emergency fund, which uses the money to build and renovate wells, water pipes, pumps, and dry toilets, and to teach children in poor countries the basics of hygiene. Work is done in over 90 worst-off countries.

Click here for the list of all the donators.

All the photos are courtesy of Nelli Kivinen. Thank you so much for documenting our efforts Nelli, ones again!

Empty Bowls is a fantastic way for people to get together and for something good. We had so many fantastic artists and restaurants donating their time and work for us, including Helsinki Cathedral, donates us the use of the beautiful Crypt cafe.