I like to use stray saucers like the grannies use to use them…under the flowerpots. I love the miss match they make with my pots. Rustic wild clay terracotta pot, paring with elegant, delicate china.

Photo courtesy Michiko Erkola.

Porcelain saucers get my sympathy at Flea Markets. They were once someone’s precious possessions. Remainders for what a wonderful industry we had in Helsinki. Arabia fine china. Before WWII it was the largest porcelain factory in Europe. But like all the good Saga’s, it too came to its end.

My mother was an Arabia factory guide. She loved her job. I grew up visiting the factory, hearing so many stories from Arabia’s history. I guess that’s why I am a ceramist now…

Astialiisa in a great place to find good soucers under our pots!