UDUMBARA ceramics studio in Kallio district of Helsinki offers Ceramic Art and Pottery classes in English.

At UDUMBARA you are submerged in a real pottery studio and learn how to handel local wildclay. This will truely be slow design as the potterys big kiln is only fired few times per season and it takes more time and patient when working with wildclay.

2017 workshops are:
– Lantern workshop in August
– Wine cooler workshop in September

Wild clay gives the products a wonderfully rich earthy character. By choosing this local raw material Udumbara pottery wants to emphasise the unique and ecological value of this clay.

Thanks to the Kultela clay’s porous nature, this clay is especially suited for flowerpots and tea-ware.

When you make pottery at Udumbara , you don’t just make handmade pottery, you get a piece of Finland too!

Join us at Helsinki Ceramic Arts and Pottery Meetup, or at Facebook Udumbara Helsinki