Earth-friendly pottery (est. 1994). Handmade luxury, lamps, sculptures, and flowerpots. 

Transparent production – local raw material. 

UDUMBARA pottery (est. 1994) products are made from wild, natural clay from the small village of Kultela in Somero, Southwestern Finland.

The material gives the products a wonderfully rich earthy character. By choosing this local raw material, Eva wants to emphasize the unique and ecological value of wild clay.

Thanks to the Kultela clay’s porous nature, its rich iron, and other mineral content, tea brewed in wild clay ware develops a richer flavor.

Wild clay planters are ideally suited for a plant’s physiological needs. Part of their beauty is their tendency to beautify with age (Shibui 渋い) as they weather and absorb mineral salts from the soil.

When you have an Udumbara bowl, you don’t just get handmade pottery, you get a piece of Finland too.

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