Buying pottery online doesn’t work for everybody; many people need to hold a pot in their hands to make sure it is the right one. You can buy directly from me at my studio, with an appointment in advance. 

My studio is not open regularly. If you are going to be in the Helsinki, you are welcome can contact me a few days in advance to arrange a convenient time to stop by and pick out the best flower pot, lamp foot, sculpture, or tea bowl for you.

You’ll also find a more extensive selection in person than you will on my website. I always have one-offs and oddball pieces that are best selected in person, rather than online.

WhatsApp 0505249192


I am studying Media and Audiovisual communication now ( trying to keep up with modern times <3). It would be a great help if you subscribe, follow, comment, like, and give positive but constructive criticism to my  YOUTUBE VIDEOS. I am just an amateur, but I aim to get better. Thank you!

Let me know if there is any specific topic on the pottery wheel you would like me to guide?