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We offer 20 % discount pre-order SALE on  ARVO cup, bowl and spilkum on  Design Market;

Welcome to follow our live sending on making of the ARVO’s on the 3rd to 5 th of September from 2 to 3 PM EEST. 

UDUMBARA’s ARVO kitchenware products,  modern hand-made versions of traditional Nordic Spillkum bowl, and porridge bowls.  Our pottery products are made in Kallio, Helsinki, from genuine local wild clay from the Kultela Brickworks. The material gives the products a wonderfully rich earthy character.

UDUMBARA’s kitchenware products are called “ARVO” in honor of Arvo Kankare from Kultela brickworks. He taught me how to use this unique rich local clay. ARVO also means “value” in Finnish.

The event is a part of Helsinki Design Week’s Festival Programme. Founded in 2005, Helsinki Design Week is the largest design stock sale in the Nordics. Arranged annually in September, the festival presents different fields of design, such as fashion, architecture and culture. This year’s festival dates are Helsinki Design Week is produced by design service agency Luovi Productions

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Photo courtesy of Nina Skogster