The 13th Empty Bowls event will be held on Saturday the 10th September, 2016 at 11 am–2 pm at the atmospheric Crypt of the Helsinki Dome.

Many volunteers attend: Kitchens, musicians, potters and many others. If you’re interested to take part, all the information is at

Getting ready to do my contribution:

Since last year I have been donating for them wildclay terracotta flowerpots instead of bowls. I think they are more useful for many quest who have join us many times already… They have too many bowls already, but you can never have too many flowerpots!

Empty Bowls Helsinki’s donations go to the Finnish UNICEF, which uses the money to build and renovate wells, water pipes, pumps and dry toilets, and to teach children in poor countries the basics of hygiene. Work is done in over 90 worst-off countries.